4 June 2022

Introducing Zebedee (Zeb) Bowie Fairnie who joined us on Sat 4th June 2022 just before midnight weighing 3116 grams (6 pounds and 14 ounces). D showed her true superpowers through 30 hours in Labour Land, and 41 weeks in the wilderness of HG. We’re loving hanging out with the wee fella - watching every gurgle, giggle, yelp and burp. He’s already an expert in circadian rhythm disruption and waste disposal… which is an interesting jungle to navigate!

The name

We wanted to find a name that worked in both Dutch and English, and we were keen for it to be biblical yet unique (tough gig, right?). Zebedee was the only name that ticked all of those boxes for us.

Zebedee means “Gift of God” in Hebrew and is a fisherman in the Bible (little nod to Jake's Scottish grandad who was a fisherman) and father of two of Jesus’ apostles (James and John). We also really liked the rhythm of the name.

We both love the name Bowie, especially that it’s Scottish and gives a nod to music that has been so significant in our European union. The song 'Starman' by David Bowie makes us think of Opa Steve picking up Jake from school dressed as an astronaut and the first time D met Bono, they danced to the Bowie track 'Let's Dance.'

Fairnie - carrying Jake's surname is a nod to Opa Steve Fairnie, and is a continuation of the Dutch, English and Scottish tradition of passing down the surname of the father.